This is Our Story

We all have our own opinion of art.  Wither we understand it or not, art resonates deep within our souls.  It permeates our world through its various forms: Dance, Film, Music, Theatre, The Fine Arts and Photography. 


As a child I have always loved the arts and spent most of my time surrounded by artistic influences, from my beginnings with music and on to theatre, culminating with photography.  As a writer, director & producer, creating artistic pictures is constant.  Taking that training and translating it to photography involves the same commitment and understanding.


My official foray into photography began journalisticly with the publication of SweetPea’s International Arts Review©.  It was my goal to bring the audience into the action, as if they were right there in attendance. 


My love for all things nature lead me to my current interest.  Taking photos of nature is "sooooo" exciting to me.  I love pointing my camera at a tree, the sky, water, snow, flowers, etc. to unlock its secrets.    Inanimate objects also interest me.  What message can/do they convey? 


Two areas I seek to perfect are “NO-FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY” and “TAKING THE PERFECT PICTURE” - bringing the beauty directly through the lens without any editing – straight out of the can.  A majority of my photography falls into both of these categories.  No-Flash Photography allows me to be that “fly on the wall”, not disturbing the action yet capturing it.  Taking the Perfect Picture challenges me to capture life as the naked eye sees it.   However, when inspired, my photography will be enhanced, etc. like this background image.


Hopefully the stories I seek to tell through photography will resonate with you.   Feel free to share your opinions on any images by connecting on my contact page.   I look forward to hearing from you.


I'd Love to Honey, But...(GlamMa's Book of Excuses), is the first book of my photography.


Please enjoy,

SweetPea’s Lenz© by Darsell B.