SweetPea's Lenz

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SweetPea's Lenz seeks to provide a view of life via its many varied vanish points through Artistic and Fine Art Photography.

My love of nature and history with live performance & journalism has groomed me to take "no-flash/no-sound" photography and present images unedited, "straight out of the can".  By providing more than a passing glance, presenting images as the eye sees them, I seek to give the observer the opportunity to take in more beauty.  At times, however, an image will be artistically rendered.   

SweetPea's Lenz by DarsellB - On Exhibit
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Trust In The Lord Postcard Series

As a 4-year cancer survivor, it is my pleasure to encourage young artists to pursue their dreams.  We all have something wonderful to offer.  Stay committed and give it your all.  Jump in and share your brand of beauty with the world.   

"Great is thy faithfulness, LORD unto me."    (lyrics based on Lamentations 3:22-23)